The refugee crisis: how you can help us help them.


Over the last few weeks, we at Haus have been watching the growing refugee crisis unfold in front of our eyes. It feels as though every day we have woken up to news of a fresh tragedy among these poor individuals who’re just trying to do what we all would if the lives of our families were under threat – escape to safety.

The terribly sad image of 2 year old Aylan Kurdi who drowned with other members of his young family attempting to leave Turkey was the final straw for us (and many others) and we took the decision to try and help in some way. This crisis is a moral issue, and much bigger than any political debate on the subject of immigration.

For that reason, we’re working with three excellent charity groups to help out fellow humans in need. The excellent individuals at Brighton2Calais, London2Calais and CalAid are travelling to Calais on September 19th with essential supplies and clothing for the many refugees currently stationed in the camps there. We’ll be joining them. Between now and September 19th we’re turning each of our three offices in Fulham, Chiswick and Shepherd’s Bush  into donation stations and we  urge you to come say hi and drop in any spare items you may have that appear in thE list of urgently needed items below:

Why not pack a bag of unused items and drop it in? We’ll get it to the people who need it and it’s a very easy way of helping with this horrible situation. If you’d like to donate money instead – you can! The link to follow is:

For updates on our progress, follow us on Twitter!


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