Fulham...the place to be in your 20's

Fulham...the place to be in your 20's

When moving to London, too many fall into the trap of moving straight to Clapham, and spending the rest of their 20s glued to the bar in Infernos. So few realise how much more is out there, and how much real fun they could be having in SW6.

Fulham not only offers rentals to suit all budgets, but is equally exciting in its offering to twenty-somethings. Have a read of our reasons why Fulham is the only place to spend your 20s:


With watering holes like The Mitre, The White Horse AKA the 'Sloaney Pony', The Tommy Tucker and The Brown Cow calling Fulham home, it’s the perfect place to go for a drink. At any given time, a person in Fulham is no more than a five minute walk from a top tier pub garden. Try finding that elsewhere.

The White Horse AKA 'The Sloaney Pony', SW6

The Tommy Tucker, SW6

Variety of different areas:

Whether you like the high-end spots of Parsons Green, or want to be close to the cafés and restaurants of Wandsworth Bridge Road, Fulham has enough variety to offer something to everyone. Price points vary to suit all budgets, meaning that everyone can find a home they love in SW6.

Connections to other areas:

Equally, Fulham offers great access to other parts of London, much of it along the air-conditioned District Line that will keep anyone happy in the hottest of weather. Reach central-London tourist spots in minutes when your friends from home come to stay; get to Paddington in no-time when you want to go home for Christmas; and cross the river with the drop of a hat, when visiting friends who haven’t made the excellent choice you have.

District Line


Eelbrook Common, Parsons Green and Bishops Park offer tranquillity and great open space all over the borough. With most other green spaces in West London overrun with tourists, Fulham once again leads the field on this front.

Quality of property:

Having not been over-developed, Fulham offers an excellent variety in type of property, all the while maintaining a characteristic high standard. Renters can find a terraced Victorian house with period fittings if they desire that aesthetic.  High-end, modern flats can also be found all over the area, for those that fancy something a little swankier.

Hunts Paper Factory, SW6

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