Did you know? - History Lesson on Fulham

As exclusive as Fulham is nowadays, in the 1700’s people would flock to Fulham mainly for late night gambling and drinking.

North End Road market moved to Fulham in the 1880’s. Lining the road with stalls ranging from food to materials to beauty products and is still as popular now as it was back then.

The grade I listed Fulham Palace was home to the Bishops of London and it is said that the building was lived in for potentially 5,000 years. It is now looked after by the Fulham Trust and the general public have access to the building as well as the exquisite Botanical Gardens.

The prestigious Peterborough Estate houses just off the New Kings Road were sold in the 1890’s for a mere £300. Nowadays the prices of these beautiful red brick family homes exceed £3million.

It is said that J. Nichols ordered ten times too many sandstone lions for the estate meaning each house adorns one and also shares one with each neighbour.

Did you know that there are over 1,5000 stone lions to be found in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham meaning it is has more than any other borough after City of Westminster?

The Hurlingham Club is an exclusive sports and social club set on 42 acres of land. However to have access to it you will have to be a guest of a member as there is a 50 year waiting list!

The Kings Road was originally built for the royal family to have an easy route out of London and then later on Fulham Road was built so that the King could move freely and secretly.

Did you know that Fulham Broadway station was originally named Walham Green station however in 1952 local resident won the battle to change the name to Fulham Broadway?


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