Open Book technology is an online journal for vendors, telling you exactly what's happening whilst we're helping you sell your property. Our selling process is entirely transparent.

You'd think all estate agents would do this, but they really don't. You have to ask for information, or beg, or just assume they're getting on with it.

Here are the best bits.

With Open Book, we'll give you a login to your personal online desktop, where you'll find up-to-the-minute details on:

Viewings booked to see your property
Details of other properties like yours, and what's happening in the market
Detailed client feedback
Where we're advertising, and what we're saying
Online statistics for your property
Photographs and videos
Your property details and specification

Why Open Book?

Open Book is part of our move towards making the service we give our clients easy to track and view, so you know exactly what we're up to.

To hear more about Open Book, please click here, or alternatively you can contact us on 020 7751 0400.

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We'll sell
We'll pack
We'll move

Full service, same fee.

We'll sell

I don't understand. You will pack all our belongings, then move us?

Yes, at Haus we believe that it should all be part of the moving service. We provide boxes, tape, packing your property then the physical move.

Does it cost any more to sell through Haus?

No. We have compared our fees to every other estate agency in the area and we rarely found ourselves more expensive. However, we have found our services to be far more comprehensive.

We'll pack

I've always wanted this service, why hasn't this been done before?

We're not too sure, maybe it's because other agents want all the commission to themselves? Please remember you heard it here first, and not to accept any imitations!

Are you insured?

Yes, your belongings are insured when in transit for up to £30,000. Additional insurance can be taken out if necessary.

We'll move

Are you part of any governing bodies?

Yes. The company we partner with are part of the National Guild of Removers & Storers

What happens if I want my belongings to go into storage?

That is fine too. We will move you but rather than into your new home, we will move you into your desired storage destination.

Full service, same fee

And the small print?

We have had to put in couple of caveats. Firstly, we will move you up to 15 miles. Any further is absolutely fine but there may be an additional charge. Secondly we have taken an 'average' property into consideration. We will talk about this when we visit and survey what needs to be moved. It's that simple.

How can I found out more?

Click here, fill out the form and we will call you to discuss. If you don't want to wait, call
020 7751 0400 and we can talk it through on the phone.

Selling a property is about speed, location and quality of information

We'll make sure your property details are seen by all the right people as quickly as possible, by advertising on all the best property websites and in the mostrelevant publications.

Cutting down the property bull.

What we say is important too - you'll notice we avoid the usual estate agent jargon and sales spiel, because our research tells us that buyers find it unhelpful and irritating. Our descriptions are accurate and honest, and designed to bring out the best in your property.

Achieving record prices

Selling your property is only part of the deal – you need to be confident that we’ll get you the very best price.

All our team have extensive experience of selling properties in this area, so we know what an attainable price looks like, and we’re fully committed to helping you achieve it.

What’s more, our Open Book technology allows you to see exactly what we’re up to, and what other properties like yours are selling for in the area.  So you’ll be in the know every step of the way.

Pop in and see us

Our fabulous offices have been designed by an award-winning interior designer as a calm, friendly place to chat to us about your moving plans.The heart of the home is definitely the kitchen, which is why ours provides the best coffee and biscuits this side of your mum’s house.

Come and say hello soon.

Property Valuation

Selling your home starts with a valuation - it's an opportunity to find out what the market is like for properties like yours, and how haus can help you.

We'd be delighted to value your home for you - there's no charge, and no obligation.

Approved by the people
who set the standard

At Haus we maintain the highest professional standards by conforming to the guidelines set by the industry's leading bodies, including The Property Ombudsman. All deposits are held by the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS).

What does this mean?

This means we're answerable for our actions, and you can be confident
you're working with a respectable and reputable business with your interests
at heart.

As Nabokov once said,
"Caress the details, the divine detail"

Whilst we never quite made it as Russian novelists (although there's still time), we do get the importance of getting the little things right.

Every step we take...

...we'll always put shoe covers on to protect your flooring. We'll also bring spares for any viewers to wear.


Welcome to the Area

If you're moving to the local area for the first time, we'll give you all the advice and support you need as part of our In-haus Concierge service, as well as leaving you a hamper of lovely local goods and vouchers from local businesses. It's our way of saying "thank you" and "welcome".

Get involved

We'll also invite you to join the haus family - we organise lots of free events from football matches at Craven Cottage to family days and free exercise classes.

Follow us here to hear about our forthcoming coming events


We love local businesses

Supporting our local community is hugely important to the team at haus, and it starts with using local, independent suppliers wherever we can. 

Our shiny brochures, phone and IT systems, marketing & PR, photographers, floor planners and artists are just a few of the things we continue to source from small local businesses.

By buying, renting or selling your property through haus, you’ll be helping us to support local businesses and keep our vibrant community alive.  Which, in the long run, benefits all of us.

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Property Valuation

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We will move you!

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