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Introducing our Haus Mates, Pop Up Screens

Once in a blue moon something extraordinary happens that seems to unify a community. This blue moon landed in Fulham during the weekend of 31st August – 2nd September 2012.

Pop Up Screens is a travelling outdoor cinema, touring London to bestow the gift of cinema upon those lucky enough to get tickets. The Haus team were fortunate enough to attend a screening of the epic Fight Club in Bishop’s Park on Saturday 1st and boy was it special!

Armed with blankets, cushions and picnics, local residents united in Bishop’s Park to share a special evening under the stars. After chatting to countless locals, everybody commented upon how refreshing it was to have such a unique event in Fulham. Fulham resident Georgina commented “This evening I can really feel a sense of community in the park; we have met so many new people and have even shared a bottle of wine with some new friends!”.

We were fortunate enough to interview the Godfather of Pop Up Screens, David Leydon. Check out our interview below and make sure you book up for the latest screenings!

Hello David!

How and when did you set up Pop Up Screens?

You can blame George Lucas for Pop Up Screens! I set up Pop Up Screens last May when we did little tester events, but we full on launched this summer. I love movies, but got to the point where I hated going to the cinema. After a series of bad experiences which culminated with an Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull shaped cherry I stopped going. I don’t like feeling like I’m being robbed and that’s all a visit to a multiplex ended up feeling like as the staff scaled at you, you over paid for the tickets, popcorn and drinks and then sat in a normally dirty dank room to watch a movie.

The multiplex cinema is quite an alienating concept – were your outdoor cinema intentions to bring people together?

Initially Pop Up Screens was launched to give people the opportunity to see movies that they loved and probably missed at the cinema, but it’s grown beyond that. A big thing seems to be that people come for the experience and it’s as much of a social gathering as it is a trip to the movies, which we’ve really embraced by starting the movies later to give people that opportunity to get together and enjoy the sun and each other. We’ve had birthday parties for all ages, anniversaries and even a wedding reception come to the screenings.

Why did you choose Bishop’s Park?

You have the Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s events team to thank for us invading Bishop’s Park! They asked us to consider Bishop’s Park as it had been refurbished and I’m glad we did. I had a look on Google Maps and made a couple of visits and realised it was a perfect place for us to be. 

What's your favourite film?

The Big Lebowski is the closest I have to a favourite film, but I love The Goonies, proper Star Wars and then also a couple of newer little films like Stranger Than Fiction and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

David, we salute you!

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