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Kieron Vorster - Fit8!

As you know, on this blog we feature local legends who are doing something a little bit special in our community. This time, the legend in question is Mr Kieron Vorster, Director of the awesome fit8 Boutique Personal Training Studios.

After an amazing career coaching international sports stars including Tim Henman, Katie Bolter and Peter Chec, Kieron was well aware of the transformative benefits of one-on-one training and teamed up with his life long friends Louise and Laurence Whelan who founded fit8 in 2003.  Kieron saw the quantifiable benefits that fit8 delivers to its clients and knew this was the business for him to develop for his post tennis career.  

fit8 is a pretty revolutionary approach to fitness training which aims to help people optimise their daily function, movement and maximise their own potential. So if you’re just looking for a gym where you can meet hotties and show off your designer sportswear, this probably isn’t the place for you! Absolutely everything about fit8’s approach is tailored to the individual and my god will they put you through your paces! But, all at your own pace and ultimately with your goals and fitness level in mind!

At your first fit8 sesh, you’ll rock up, jump on a treadmill with a breathing mask on and one of the fit8 team (Ethan if you’re lucky) will start you off at a walk then build you up to the fastest run you can handle. This is the VO2 test which shows how much oxygen your body can take in per minute and per kg of muscle while you’re working at your maximum aerobic capacity. This helps your fit8 coach plan a training schedule that works specifically for your own body! That’s not all though. There’s an RMR (resting metabolic rate) test as well which shows how many calories your body would burn if you literally did nothing at all, so fit8 can tell you how much you should be eating in order to lose or gain weight and get the most out of your new fitness regime. Think this all sounds very specific? It is! But when you’re putting in the effort to exercise, you may as well do it right, right?

In the photos to the right you'll see a picture of me in the middle of my RMR test – loving life! Probably the easiest 15 minutes I’ve ever put in at a gym, I sat back, relaxed and breathed normally while the machine took the readings. Shortly afterward, Ethan sent me a thorough report with my results. Turns out I've got a high metabolism and my body naturally burns 1600 calories a day without me doing a thing, which is about the best news I've had all year! That aside, this is a great bit of info to have about yourself when you're trying to find a balance between food consumption and exercise.

fit8 attracts clients both young and old but has a particular appeal for anyone with a specific goal to reach or an injury because of the fact that the coaching is so tailored to the individual. In the last few months, members of Team Haus have been whipped into shape considerably by the fit8 team and we’re all feeling a lot better for it! It's not only adult coaching available at fit8, Kieron has devised Teenage Training to allow young people to stay healthy in an inspiring environment with a coach they can trust. Well done Kieron and the fit8 team!

With fit8 open for business in Wimbledon, Kingston and our beloved Fulham, there's no excuse for south west Londoners not to try this out! So get up and out and book your first session. This is not a decision you'll regret. For more information on fit8, click here