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Jessica Zoo

Introducing our Haus Mate, Jessica Zoo 

Jessica ‘Zoo’ Rossi is our Chiswick dance hero, the wonderful founder and director of Cheerobics®. She has written and developed the entire Cheerobics® programme and delivers the instructor training. Jessica fell in love with cheerleading at University and has an undying passion for making the activity accessible to everyone regardless of their age and skill.

Before Cheerobics® Jessica founded Zoo Fever Cheerleaders and Zoo Dance, earning her cheeky nickname Jessica ‘Zoo’. She is a USASF qualified Cheerleading Coach, as well as an Exercise to Music fitness instructor. Jessica’s classes are held at Arch 197, not far from Stamford Brook station. Jessica regards her pupils as members of her dance family and is proud to know each and every one of her students by name.

Dance Party Central is our favourite aspect of Jessica’s business, providing professional training, choreography and dancers for events including weddings, parties and flash mobs. Jessica  also organised a Thriller zombie flash mob outside our Chiswick office on 31st October 2012 which you can learn more about here...

Typical Day:

Jessica is a workaholic with a huge passion for business! Her day starts at 9am to focus onthe Social Media and admin side of her enterprises. Jessica stops for a healthy lunch and then spends the afternoon focussing on the creative side of her businesses including graphic design, writing, producing videos and tutorials. In the evening Jessica trains and teaches her dance students, she likes to let her hair down by going out and dancing all night, movie nights and cooking.

Jessica Loves:

Jessica is a huge Chiswick fan who truly loves the community spirit in W4, our Jessica regards the High Road as a really friendly place to be (especially on a sunny afternoon!). Jessica is also aware of the incredible social media community in Chiswick, there are countless bloggers and social media communities that are Chiswick and proud. The fact that Chiswick feels like a village community in a city is rare and the green spaces of Richmond are a huge bonus to any Londoner!

Top spot in Chiswick:

When Jessica is craving a sweet treat her top spot in Chiswick is the fantastic Outsider Tart. She was cured of her diet Coke addiction via the genius Peppermint & Liquorice Outsider tea – high five Outsider Tart! Jessica couldn’t big up the Outsider legends enough “Awesome people, great place, cool brand”…The Tart’s can do no wrong.

Jessica, we salute you!