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Darren Gormley - Creator of 'Hungry Worms' book swap

Hungry Worms: send a book on a journey...

Attention bookworms! Something kinda wonderful is happening in Fulham! A lovely chap called Darren Gormley from Sands End has created Hungry Worms - a fantastic grassroots, community initiative  working with local businesses and social spaces.

It’s all about books and the power of bringing people together through a shared love of reading. Hungry Worms places beautiful old wine crates in the homes/businesses of volunteer hosts around Fulham. They then spread the word and ask visitors to contribute and swap books – it’s so simple its genius.

The best part is, each book contains a record slip where you can write your name and see who’s enjoyed the read before you. We think this is awesome.

As a big bunch of book-lovers ourselves at Haus, we were really pleased to be asked to host a book box in our Fulham office. If you’ve got a great read you’ve loved and want to share with others, pop in and put it in our box!

You can find out more about Hungry Worms by visiting the official Facebook and Twitter pages or the website.

Nice one Darren and happy reading Hausmates!