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Introducing Sipsmith - Chiswick's master distillers.

Behind an unassuming blue door in a warehouse just off a quiet road in Chiswick, live three stately and beautiful looking copper stills called Prudence, Constance and Patience. A gentle hissing and whirring is the only sound – you’d never know they were hard at work producing some of London’s best tasting gin…

Hausmates: meet Sipsmith. Ace artisan distillers in a league of their own, these guys know a thing or two about quality spirits! Best buds and founders, Sam and Fairfax, have revolutionized the distilling landscape by bringing hand-made spirit-production back to the UK. It all began a few years back when a trip to the USA opened their eyes to the magic of micro—distilling, which back in the UK was pretty uncommon. High on enthusiasm and a passion for truly great spirits, the boys put their heads together and dedicated themselves to bringing the lost art of home-distilling back to London!

The Sipsmiths applied to the government for a license to produce small-batch spirits in London. After the fat cats at Westminster had finished laughing, Sam and Fairfax’s wishes were granted and in 2009 they opened the first micro-distillery in London for over 200 years. They were joined by master-distiller, and spirit-expert-like-no-other,  Jarred Brown after he overheard their plans in a café and swore to help them on their way to success as long as they stuck to making pure, unadulterated, classic gin.

Buoyed by the clever British public’s growing preference for artisan food and drink products over mass produced goods, the Sipsmiths set up at their first HQ in Ravenscourt Park and brought in their beautiful copper still, Prudence. Five years later, they’ve gone from strength-to-strength and in late 2014 moved to another west London home just off the lovely Chiswick High Road.  

These guys represent all that’s great about Chiswick and west London in general. Innovative, dynamic, but proudly British, this local startup loves its community, just like we do! Being in a residential area was important to Sipsmith and after moving to Chiswick, they held a distillery-warming for their friendly neighbors. Quality, not quantity is what’s important to Sipsmith, and their emphasis on promoting the classic British gin recipe has won fans at home and abroad. The international market has been a huge success, with overseas clients feeling the charm of such an inherently British quality product. Sipsmith is regularly seen serving up beautiful beverages at local events too so keep a look out and have a taste! Sipmith, you’re our kind of hausmates – so cheers to you!

Fancy a peep around the distillery? You’re in luck! Why not book yourself onto one of their tours held every Tuesday and Wednesday night from 6:30-8pm?