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Adam's Cafe, Shepherd's Bush!

Adam's Cafe in Shepherd's Bush - excellent eats from friendly peeps!

Adam’s Café on Askew Road is our New. Favourite. Thing. If you like tagines, cous cous, spicy meats and super-friendly service then I’m willing to bet Adam’s will swiftly become yours too…

Frances and Abdel Boukraa are the fantastic husband and wife duo behind this delightful little Tunisian and Moroccan restaurant. Charming and utterly lovely, they’re always smiling and waving at passers-by and make their guests feel totally at home. They originally met in Paris and spent time living in Abdel’s native Tunisia before returning to London in the 80s. While in Tunisia they ran a hotel and quickly realised that the restaurant, which served good local cuisine to English tourists, was the real star of the show.

Buoyed by this success, they returned to England, bought their premises on Askew Road in Shepherds Bush and named it ‘Adam’s’ after their new born son. The former café had been a traditional ‘greasy spoon’ for the last 60 years so Frances and Abdel decided to kept selling tasty breakfasts and lunch snacks during the day, while transforming the restaurant a into a glorious north African-themed restaurant at night. It wasn’t an easy thing to do. Property prices were so inflated in 1989 and north African food was relatively unheard of in London. But, with a young family in tow, they made it a success and were soon drawing crowds from far and wide through word-of-mouth and some very good reviews in the national press!

The Boukraas weathered three recessions but proved their staying power thanks to staying affordable, keeping all of their food home-made and loyal support from the community. Children who used to visit with their parents now come back as adults with their own families!

Of course, since 1989 the local area – particularly Askew Road – has changed a great deal. What used to be a slightly tired-looking street has become more and more popular over the last few years thanks to its convenience, beautiful architecture and proximity to central London.

Team Haus in Shepherd’s Bush gets lunch from Adam’s Café most days, but we recently went for supper and were blown away by the delicious food! I had a chicken, apricot and sesame seed tagine and it was slam-dunk delish. Check out the pictures, but most importantly, get down there! All the details are here, so book yourself a table and prepare to be impressed!