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The Enterprise Award 2013

22nd June 2013, Parsons Green Fulham 

Back in January 2013 our Head of Haus, Jamie Lester, launched the year 9 Enterprise Scheme at the Lady Margaret School in Fulham. Recognised as a local entrepreneur and former Apprentice, Jamie acted as a mentor to the project.

The girls were set the task of researching, marketing, making and selling products to sell at The Garden Party. Throughout the first part of this year Jamie paid visits to the school to evaluate business plans, offer advice and talk about his experience in the business world. Evaluating their plans and sales strategies, Jamie acted as a business investor throughout the process.

The Garden Party 2013 was the highly anticipated showcase of the Enterprise projects and boy were the Haus team impressed! The girls sold their products to the general public throughout the day with gusto and vigour; each team did an incredible job and produced some really inventive products including door stops, pillows, clothing, dream catchers and door signs!

The winners were an eco-friendly business called The Packaging People, compromising of Roxy Parker, Sarah Riches and Lucy Carson. The Packaging People made incredible wallets and make up bags from recycled confectionary wrappers. Not only were the girls the most profitable group, Jamie was impressed with their large margins and inventive use of resources.

“It’s such an honour to mentor these bright young people. It is essential for students to feel inspired and able to turn their talents and ideas into reality. Each group at the Garden Party displayed a huge amount of initiative, the winning group excelling with an eco-friendly design”.

Check out our pictures of the Enterprise students and their products in our gallery...don't forget to share your favourite snap!

The Packaging People (minus their third muskateer) & Jamie

The Packaging People even displayed their products in confectionary boxes!