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Cavendish Primary School Summer Fete

Haus is super excited to be supporting a bucket load of schools, charities and other awesome events around Chiswick. Cavendish Primary School’s summer fete was a great success and a real treat to attend as this was the schools second haus sponsorship of this year (certainly not the last!) 

There where loads of fun stalls including ‘sponge throwing’, ping pong and of course a loom band stall (the craze for primary school girls everywhere). Each child was given the responsibility of managing the sales and stock of their chosen stall, a really great way to build the children’s confidence and even entrepreneurial skills.

Our Balloon car has been a real hit at each and every summer fete we’ve had the pleasure of attending, and this one was no exception. The children and their parents all took part, guessing how many balloons we could stuff into the truck, the children didn’t seem to care much about winning but instead were all super keen to get inside and be fully submerged in balloons, everybody wins!

We had an absolute blast at the summer fete and are very much looking forward to taking part next year.

If you are interested in a haus sponsorship for any upcoming event/ Charity organisation please