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Acton Homeless Concern 25th Anniversary Ball

We couldn’t be happier to be supporting such an amazing and honourable charity, The Acton Homeless Concern celebrated its 25th anniversary this year at the Duke’s meadow Golf Club.  Ian Breen, manager of the charity, was recently awarded the ‘Pride in our People Prize’ for his outstanding achievements around west London, what a hero!

The fun kicked off at 7:00 when guests were greeted by beautiful harp music as they entered the Dukes meadows hall. The ball was full to bursting with amazing entertainment and competitions; music, a casino and a raffle where but a few of the things you could take part in. People won, among other things; tickets to Wimbledon, the beach boys and the chance to be a character in a crime novel, not to mention the raffle prizes; a hot air balloon ride, an Ipad or £1000 gift voucher to spend in Westfields! How amazing is that!?

We are more than impressed with the good folks of Chiswick/ Acton and of course the organisers of the Acton Homeless concern, as their haus board campaign raised £1,750. The anniversary ball (including our donation) raised a total of over £20,000! What an incredible achievement, we are ecstatic to be part of such a wonderful event.

Well done to each and every person who took part in the organisation of this honourable charity event. You’re the best hausmates ever! We love you.

Photographs from: Three Blind Mice