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Home Sweet Home competition 2013

18th May 2013, Basuto Road Fulham 

The mighty Home Sweet Home Competition!

Team Fulham were honoured to sponsor the Holy Cross May Fair 2013 for the second year running. We worked extra hard to raise even more money for the school, hitting just over £1,500 for Holy Cross.

We launched a “Home Sweet Home” sign making competition three weeks before the event, inviting the whole school to get creative and make a sign for their own house. We had no idea how creative the pupils were going to get until we picked up the entries a week prior to the event. We had to take two cars full of entries, each car chock-a-block full of epic designs!

Entries ranged from big to small, paper to pasta and metal to plastic! The entries were absolutely spectacular, which made it a very tough job to judge. After a super difficult review, Jamie announced the winners and awarded each design genius a summer games kit…check out our  selection of winning designs!

Well done to everyone that took part, you absolute legends!


Eva Lia – Nursery

Ines De Calonne – Reception

Christopher – Year 1

Ben Smith – Year 2

Ben Bartlett – Year 3

John Cockaday – Year 4

Tilly Morgan – Year 5

Nathan Chidee – Year 6


The metal masterpiece by Nathan Chidee