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National Shed Week has been and gone (2nd – 7th July 2012) leaving a parade of weird and wonderful constructions in its wake. Here at Haus we have become fascinated by these purpose built delights and have decided to hand-pick our favourite sheds from around the UK.

Our original intention was to delve into the London Property market to search for sheds, but we found that city sheds were few and far between. One client actually described the London shed as an “urban myth”! However, as new instructions come hurtling into the office, we were lucky enough to find a quaint shed in the garden of our new instruction on Hazlebury Road, Fulham.

As we uncovered stories of sheds from different corners of the UK we stumbled across pub sheds, disco sheds, sauna sheds and a tardis shed (!) The shed can be thought of as a refuge, a solitary space to collect ones thoughts (and gardening equipment). Many famous writers have used sheds as their literary sanctuary including Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf and Roald Dahl.

Check out our favourite sheds from across the UK…

Fancy an acoustic session in a shed? Check out Songs From The Shed 

Roald Dahl in his literary cavern 

Our very own "urban myth" on Hazlebury Road

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