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Introducing our Haus Mates, Streetbank

Here at Haus we like to celebrate anybody and anything in our land that brings people together and celebrates the importance of the local community. We were lucky enough to have a cup of tea with the founders of Streetbank this week – and boy are they awesome!  

Streetbank is a website that serves to encourage neighbours to share anything they own to reduce the amount of “stuff” that we would otherwise waste. The Streetbank website lets you see what your neighbours are happy to lend to you, give away or skills they are happy to share. The site shows any neighbour within a mile of your front door, making sure that any Streetbank share is easily accessible by foot – reducing our carbon footprints.

The site has grown from strength to strength, last month £12,000 worth of goods were traded through Street Bank!

Hello Streetbank!


Streetbank is the brainchild of Sam Stephens, a Fulham resident who has always been a community focussed soul. Streetbank was born back in April 2010 after Sam began to create a friendly sharing network with his local neighbours. Sam started asking neighbours to lend small things like cups of sugar and moved onto bigger things such as lawnmowers and wheelbarrows – he made friends with his neighbours and began sharing tools and skills. Soon enough this sharing scheme began to break down the awkward “hello” with neighbours that he hadn’t yet been introduced to and in time he found he was actually hanging out with his neighbours just for fun.

Soon enough Sam became so close to his next door neighbours that they broke down the fence that separated their gardens, Streetbank was then born from a need for community engagement. In a short space of time Sam herded team Streetbank, consisting of Alice, Sam, Nic and Tess. As soon as the internet genius Nic got to work on building the site, the famous four never looked back. The site has gone from strength to strength, growing organically from Fulham and spreading all across the UK and branching out slowly across the world. In the space of two years the Streetbank community has now spread to communities afar, including Sydney and Vancouver.

Typical day:

With the ever increasing popularity of Streetbank no day is ever the same! The team host many strategy meetings, incorporating suggestions from the general public about the Streetbank site. Due to Streetbank’s success Sam also holds many inspirational talks in the area as well as working alongside local organisations such as The Big Lunch,Waste Watch and Transition Network. The team hold regular funding meetings to keep an eye on the growth of Streetbank taking on an incredible network of sponsors, including a £50,000 sponsorship from Nesta. The team are also keen organisers of local Street Parties and swapping events, Streetbank Live was set up to encourage swishing, sharing and socialising.

Streetbank Loves:

The Streetbank team are huge fans of the community spirit in Fulham, seeing as Streetbank’s birthplace is SW6 the team are in awe of Fulham folk. Since living and working in the area the team have grown to understand Fulham residents as being open minded people with a passion for their local community, high five Fulham!

Top spot in Fulham:

Alice is a huge fan of Claude’s kitchen (situated above the Amuse Bouche) the boys rustle up a mean dinner, perfect for the winter feeding season! Sam is a sucker for Tinto coffee shop on Fulham Palace Road, where he believes holds the secret to the “best brownies in the world”.

Streetbank, we salute you!

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