Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

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Last week, we were tipped off about a ‘House Properties’ that has opened. Our printing company (who know our brand intimately) emailed us saying that whilst driving through the beautiful village of Cobham, Surrey he saw For Sale boards with all the same characteristics, look and feel of Haus – the only difference was the spelling of the name.

My first reaction was bemusement followed by confusion and then, when I found out the person behind it was a 'friend' who I was skiing with just three months earlier, I had to investigate further.  What I found was….bizarre.

Dear (Fake) House Properties and Wayne Le Page,

Firstly, thank you. It’s not every day we are paid a compliment of someone copying us. From logo to logo, colours to colours, website to website – you have really gone to great lengths in trying to make a mini Haus. When we skied together in March 2014 and we discussed property tactics, I was merely talking from a friend’s perspective and never did I imagine you were going to try and replicate us. Mainly because you have no UK property or estate agency experience, and that someone who is brave enough to start their 'own' venture would have some property credentials or qualification.  Clearly I was wrong. Very wrong.

When I first saw your name and branding I smiled – but it was one of those fake smiles (the ones you were firing at me whilst we skied together) and then I read on and I went from smiles to giggles. There is something that says ‘we've made it’ when someone actually makes a carbon copy of us. You see, Haus was born from pure frustration within the property market. Most estate agents say the same thing (just with different words and boring company colours) and their service levels don’t vary much either. From their saggy suits to the stale offices, it’s all very samey. So when you decided to copy us rather than Foxtons, Countrywide or other dominant brands in the market, it only suggests we are on to a winner - so thank you.

You have to understand, (fake) House Properties, that the real Haus Properties was born in summer 2011 with a total commitment and passion towards property – and stepping away from talking, acting or marketing like any other typical estate agent. From our cool offices, to our even cooler Haus Mates, we simply just don’t want to be like anyone else! So when someone has the courage to take this route, they have my absolute admiration…It’s just drenched irony that you have fallen on the first hurdle by copying us.

Imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, and Haus Properties is fundamentally INIMITABLE - which is what makes it so unique. I will leave you with the words of Samuel Johnson:  "Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those who we cannot resemble."

Enjoy being in the Dog Haus my friend...

Can you 'Spot the Difference:

Their 'Transparency' is more like a mirror image

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