Local Legend... Outsider Tart of Chiswick

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Introducing our Haus Mates, Outsider Tart

Outsider Tart is an award winning American bake shop and cafe dedicated to bringing the sweet taste of the US to the UK. We like to think of Outsider Tart as the embodiment of Willy Wonka’s dynamism and vision, located on 83 Chiswick High Road.


In 2005 two professionals named David and David moved from the Big Apple to live and work in the Big Smoke. They quickly discovered that the sweet taste of The States was missing in London, so set out to bring wholesome, sweet and fresh delights to our shores. David and David first set up a kitchen in central London, which could now be considered the heart beat of the Outsider Tart adventure.

From their kitchen David and David began rustling up treats to sell at farmers markets in and around London. The dynamic duo were focussed on bringing traditional American family recipes to the attention of the nation, lovingly creating a slice of home with prime quality produce from local sources or their own native land. The Outsider Tart fans grew like wildfire, not only because of the delicious treats but because of David & David’s passion and energy for their creations. Soon enough the demand grew for a cafe, so the team set up camp in Chiswick.

Located on Chiswick High Road, just off Chiswick Lane, Outsider Tart now stands as the best boutique bake shop in town.Winning Cafe Outlet of the Year at the 2010 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards and named a cultural hotspot by the Observer in 2010. The boys have even released a bestselling cake book Baked in America and have another book on its way. The future looks bright for the Outsiders and behind the graffitied shutters to the right of the store hides the expansion of the store. With a fan base as strong as Outsider Tart’s it’s no surprise to see their empire growing. Despite their success D & D haven’t forgotten their roots and are still selling their sweet treats at farmers markets. The Outsider Tart crew can be found from Friday – Sunday at The Real Food Festival on Southbank.

Typical day:

The team start baking at 630am every day. The kitchen is a charming space beneath the shop floor, which wafts the sweet aroma of baking through the floor boards. Their doors are open from 8am-6pm every day and open until 10pm on Thursdays for their popular Chilli nights!

Outsider Tart Loves:

The David’s love the village feel of Chiswick, a perfect change of pace from the hustle of New York. They are proud to know the names of each and every one of their customers and more importantly – their favourite cakes!

David and David’s top spot in Chiswick:

The team love Sam’s Brasserie & Bar, a fantastic place to eat, drink and be happy.

God bless America!



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